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Vibration CAT 3

Dr. Wael Saady AbdEllateef Salman

Vibration Analysis ISO CAT III – Profile


Vibration Analyst CAT III is a professional who has demonstrated the ability to establish, direct, and perform programs for condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines including spectral, waveform, and orbit analysis. CAT III-certified Vibration Analysts are also qualified to perform minor corrective actions involving operating deflection shapes, single-plane balancing, and diagnostic testing.

As an Authorized Training Center (ATC) & an Authorized Examination Center (AEC) of Mobius Institute, Engineering Tracks provides extensive training programs, both In-House Training and Online Interactive Training, to prepare participants for The Vibration Analysis ISO CAT III International Exam, Based on the official material issued by the Mobius Institute that follows ISO Standard 18436-2, to fulfill Engineers' proficient needs, by delivering a set of diverse and high-quality training programs based on the best modern approved practices.

If you are seeking to acquire a reputable International Accreditation in the field of Vibration Analysis and certify your professional competence, then this Approved Vibration Analysis ISO CAT III Exam Preparation Course is what you need.


Course Requirements:


This is an Advanced Vibration Analyst Training & Certification, which requires participants to have at least two years of vibration analysis experience and Category II certification by a recognized certification body.


Course Outcomes :


At the end of The Vibration Analysis - Cat III Course, you will be:

  1. Well prepared to successfully pass The Mobius Institute International Exam.
  2. Able to identify the different types of vibration problems.
  3. Able to select the appropriate vibration measurement equipment and techniques.
  4. Able to develop and implement vibration monitoring programs.
  5. Able to train the vibration analysts’ team.


Dr. Wael Saady AbdEllateef Salman


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