Dr. Yasser Shaban


“Continuous Improvement” and ” Respecting People” are the two pillars of success for any organization and that’s what *Toyota has proven through its success story. 

Our next #Free_Event will present the 4Ps of a brilliant book The Toyota way, which covers the famous 14 principles for leading the way to continuous improvement, the 4Ps are:


Most reports on Toyota talk about the cars, their capabilities, and luxury, but how Toyota turns to be the second-largest company in the world after Tesla, no one refers to it before * Jeffrey Liker *, the author of "The Toyota Way” who said at the introduction of this book: 
“The Toyota Way is not the Japanese Way or the American Way or even the Gary Convis Way of managing. It is the fundamental way that Toyota views its world and does business”.

Join me at the next webinar to discuss 14 brilliant principles of Toyota and how they are flexible to be applied to all companies despite their scope or size. Also, we will discuss: 
-What is the kaizen model? 
-Toyota lean model.
-Toyota’s secret weapon, “Philosophy”.

Register Now To uncover The Toyota Way secrets!.
Next Thursday December 23rd, 7 PM EGY, 8 PM KSA.

Dr. Yasser Shaban


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