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Dr. Yasser Shaban

CMRT Certification

The Certified Maintenance & Reliability Technician (CMRT)

CMRT Round #21

The Certified Maintenance & Reliability Technician:


program is the leading credentialing program for the knowledge, skills and abilities of maintenance and reliability technicians.
The certification assesses the knowledge and skills of those responsible for preventative, predictive and corrective maintenance - multi-skilled individuals who play a critical role in the success of organizations worldwide. Earning the CMRT credential indicates that you have achieved a level of ability consistent with the requirements for competence on the job as a multi-skilled maintenance and reliability technician. The CMRT exam tests competency and knowledge of specific tasks within four (4) domains: Maintenance Practices, Preventative & Predictive Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Analysis, and Corrective Maintenance.

Course Content:

1. Maintenance Practices:

• Adhere to H S E Standards & Policy
• Communication with production personnel
• Perform proper lockout/tagout
• Perform preuse tool inspection
• Proper use of maintenance tools
• Proper use of measuring toots
• Proper handling of maintenance materials
• Maintenance housekeeping
• Proper use of CMMS



2. Preventive and Predictive Maintenance:

• Perform PM or PM according to workplan
• Apply correct PaM task
• Perform proper lubrication task
• Pertorm proper alignment task
• Perform equipment safety checks


3. Troubleshooting and Analysis:

• Gather info relating to maintenance request
• Verify the problem by testing
• Obtain appropriate technical documentation
• Investigate, Previous maintenance actions
• Identify cause of the problem

4. Corrective Maintenance:

• Verify troubleshooting analysis
• Repair using required maintenance
• Monitor equipment after repair
• Release repaired equipment



Dr. Yasser Shaban


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