Dr. Wael Saady AbdEllateef Salman

Academic Achievements

  •  PhD degree in Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machines – Dynamics and Vibrations, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Shoubra, Benha University  [June, 2017 to January, 2022]
  • Master  degree  in  Solid  Mechanics  –  Dynamics  and  Vibrations,  Faculty  of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Cairo University [March, 2012 to July, 2015]
  • Bachelor  degree  in  Aeronautical  and  Mechanical  Engineering,  Excellent  with Honour accumulative grade [September, 2005 To August, 2010]


Academic/Teaching Experience (Overall 8 years)

  • Assistant Professor at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Fayoum University

Responsibilities: Teaching Mechanical Engineering courses for undergraduate students [From December, 2017]

  • Approved Maintenance Instructor (from Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority,

ECAA) at Egyptian Aviation Academy

Responsibilities: Teaching maintenance courses for undergraduate students, Engineers, and Technicians [From May, 2015]

  • Approved Maintenance Instructor (from Egyptian Armed Forces) at Air Academy

Responsibilities: Teaching Aircraft systems operation for fighters and navigators students From December, 2018]

  • Instructor at Institute of Aviation Engineering and Technology

Responsibilities: Teaching Mechanical Engineering courses for undergraduate students [From March, 2014 to December, 2017]

  • Instructor at Sixth of October University

Responsibilities: Teaching Mechanical Engineering courses for undergraduate students [From March, 2015 to December, 2017]

Industry  Experience (Overall 10 years)

  • Service Consulting Manager at Advanced Consulting for Technologies Company [Senior Vibration Analyst (Cat III) – Mobius Institute]


    • Provide technical support to the operation team during the entire lifecycle of the rotating equipment by conducting a thorough analysis of vibration readings and plots in order to guarantee reliable and safe operations.
    • Design advanced vibration tests for rotating machines and structure system for complex analysis such as ODS, Cross phase, Bump test, and run up/ Coast down test
    • Provide technical solutions whenever the machines experience failures by rectifying the root causes and applying the proactive maintenance such as shaft laser alignment and in-site machine balancing.
    • Instructing vibration analysis training courses in accordance with ISO Categories, shaft laser alignment, and in-site rigid rotor balancing.


    • Nasr Company for Intermediate Chemicals (Abu Rawash Plant) – Service Contract
    • Suez Cement (Kattamea Plant – Heidelberg Group) – Service Contract
    • Beni Suef Cement
    • Tushka Project for pumps plants
    • Elsewedy transformers
    • Suez Power Plant
    • Damietta Power Plant
    • Air Liquide Egypt for Industrial Gas Production
    • Lesaffre Egypt for baking Yeast Production
    • Namaa for Feed Manufacturing
    • Eshpetco – Egypt Oil & Gas
  • Maintenance Planning Manager at Alexandria Airlines Company

Responsibilities: - Coordinate maintenance activities within to best monitor and control the fleet scheduled and unscheduled maintenance plus modification program.

    • Provide Scheduled Maintenance tasks requirements such as supporting documents, material preloads, and tooling.

- Forecast maintenance requirements and call up for accomplishment in a timely and cost-effective manner within the allocated budget.


  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, AME, at Egyptian Air Forces

Responsibilities: Overhaul Of C-130 Aircraft by maintaining and repairing damages in the structure such as cracks, non-typical repairs, corrosion, and dents  

Industry Maintenance Achievements

  • Certified Vibration Analyst – ISO Category III- Mobius Institute [January 6, 2021]
  • Certified Vibration Analyst – ISO Category II- Mobius Institute [November 18, 2019]
  • Three methods in Non Destructive Testing, NDT - level 2
    • Liquid Penetrate Test, LPT
    • Magnetic Particle Test , MPT
    • Ultrasonic Test, UT
  • Attendance certificate in Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP)

Aircraft Maintenance Achievements

  • License Without Type Rating, LWTR (ICAO), large aircraft, Airframe & Powerplant, A&C - Issued on 5th December, 2013.
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for Engineers [From 15th July,2018 to 19th July, 2018]
  • Basic Course For Aeronautical Engineers, Airframe / Power plant [From 7th April, 2009 to 11th August, 2010]
  • Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering on 27th December, 2010.
  • Egypt Air ,Training Division [From 2nd September, 2007 to 27th September, 2007]
  • Petroleum Air Services [From 15th August, 2008 to 15th September, 2008]


  • Elsamanty, M., W. S Salman, and A. A Ibrahim. "Rotary Machines Fault Diagnosis based on Principal Component Analysis." Engineering Research Journal 171 (2021): 138-150.
  • Elsamanty, M., W. S Salman, and A. A Ibrahim. "Fault Diagnosis of Rotary Machines based on Vibration Signature and Machine Learning Algorithm." Engineering Research Journal 50 (2021): 41-47.
  • W.S. Salman. "Numerical Detection  of Structural Damage Using Natural Frequency Shifts."Proceedings of the 1st Aviation Engineering Innovations Conference (2015).

Contributions and Memberships

  • A member in the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate

Engineering Courses Achievements

  • Matlab Programming
  • International Computer Driving License, ICDL from UNESCO