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Dr. Mohamed Monir

Agile Certified Practitioner

Agile Round #23

Introduction :


The science of project management varies from one method to another depending on the type of project and the goal.

If you are facing software projects or projects that are based on intellectual property and research & projects in which learning and correction are expected to reach the ideal solution.

 In the end 8 projects that clients or companies expect or want a vision Partial outputs or outputs early and often so you need to get certified PMI-PMI.

 Course topics:


  • Domain 1: Agile Principles & Mindset

  • Domain 2: Value Delivery

  • Domain 3: Stakeholders Engagement

  • Domain 4: Team Performance

  • Domain 5:  Adaptive Planning

  • Domain 6: Problem Detection & Resolution

  • Domain 7: Continuous Improvement

Course Features:


Each trainee receives the approved scientific material

The trainee gets a platform for simulating the real exam (more than 1500 questions) in both Arabic and English.

A certified certificate of 21 training hours that qualifies the trainee to enter the exam

 A study plan at the end of the course with a specified number of days to pass the test

Follow-up after the course by the lecturer in a special study group until I pass the exam, God willing .

Who this course is for:


People who want to learn about Align.

Beginners, people without any agile experience or knowledge.

 People who have heard the words "user stories," "backlog," "retrospectives," "sprints," "scrum master," "product owner, VP, "swim lanes, Kanban board," etc. and wondered what it meant.

Developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Solution Architects, Enterprise Architects, Data Base Administrators, and pretty much anyone interested in learning Agile.

People who want to learn about the most important and popular Agile Methodology: SCRUM.

Dr. Mohamed Monir


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