Terms & Conditions

Payment and return policy:

Our policies differ with respect to subscription payments for one-time purchases of courses and specializations, and that payment options may vary from service to service. Please also note that we take violations of the Terms of Use and our Honor Code very seriously, and have no obligation to provide refunds to learners who are found to be in violation of these Terms, even if their application is submitted within the specified refund period. Likewise, we are under no obligation to provide late refunds to learners who have not passed a course or major, or are otherwise unhappy with their final grade.

For details on our refund deadlines and policies, please refer to the information below:

1. If the course content does not meet your expectations, you have the right to a full refund of the course fee as long as no more than one lecture is held.
(The full refund option does not apply to the PMP course due to the deduction of the PMI account fee.)

2. You have the right to switch one course for another as long as no more than one lecture is held.
(Except for the PMP course).

3. Convenient installment plans where you can pay the cost of the course in two (2) installments, taking into account paying the course value in full before the middle of the course.
(Except for the PMP course, the full cost of the course is paid after the first lecture as a maximum).

4. Engineering Tracks Company reserves the right to close the trainee account unless we receive full installment payments.

5. In the event that you participate in more than one course at the time of the offers and decide to withdraw from one of them, the fees for the reserved course will be calculated at its original price.

6. No installments or refunds are allowed in case of booking registered courses.

7. Installments are not allowed during the offers period.

8. It is forbidden to permanently postpone the course date to another date, except after attending the first lecture only.

9. Lectures and scientific material are available on the trainee’s account on the Engineering Tracks Company platform for a period of 6 months, renewable by contacting customer service and without any additional fees.

10. The limit allowed for opening and using a training account is two (2) devices only: a PC and a mobile phone.

11. In the event that the trainee owns a Mac Book, he must contact the technical support department to run the Center's Desktop App on his device.

12. The trainee must update the Windows version in order to be able to use the Center's Desk Top App.

13. In order to enjoy all the features and services of the center, download our mobile application, which is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

If you cancel your paid enrollment in a course, Engineering Tracks will offer you a full refund up to 14 days after payment, or until you have received your course certificate, whichever is earlier. If you pre-registered and paid for your course, Engineering Tracks will offer you a full refund up to 14 days after your course has been launched or until you have received your course certificate.
To avoid doubt, once you have your course certificate with your payment, you will not be eligible for a refund even if it is within 14 days. If you do not receive your course certificate within 180 days, your registration will expire and you will need to pay to re-enroll in the course. However, if you are taking a course through your company or organization (eg Engineering Tracks for Business, Refugee or Government), you can earn your certificate as long as your company contract with Engineering Tracks is active and your access has not expired accordingly. terms of this contract. Likewise, refunds and cancellations will also be subject to the terms of that contract between your organization and Engineering Tracks.