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Petroleum engineers provide the world with energy, and engineering tracks will provide you with the needed knowledge

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Our set of Petroleum engineering programs allows you to explore broad disciplines as well as equipping you with the future knowledge

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Be among the best in the industry, by refining your skills and knowledge in The American Code in Welding and Non-Destructive Tests.         

Also, learn :

1- Welding quality and factors.

2- Welding main reports.

3- Welding defects and reports.

 And more ...


Diploma Duration: 60 Hours

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Join the elite and obtain the international API 570 certificate valid for

three years and approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). 

Additional benefits:

1- Be a certified international inspector.

2- Possess an extensive knowledge base related to maintenance, inspection, modification, and

repair of metal piping systems.

3-Provide a high and continuous level of security.

And more ….

Diploma Duration: 40 Hours

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Pipeline Fundamentals

A specialized Pipeline Fundamental professional training program was built by internationally accredited instructors, 

to emphasize your skills and leading you to international accreditation.


  1- Understanding of the workflow for pipelines

  2- Piping components, and valves types

  3 - A certificate from a certified ASME instructor




 Diploma Duration: 60 Hours

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Machinery ASME

ASME Code Pressure Vessels Diploma :

  1- Mastering the governing rules of design, fabrication, assembly, and

inspection of pressure vessel components of any project.

  2- Introduced to all workers in the petroleum field, mining, mechanics, piping engineering, maintenance, and

technicians working in the field of energy.    

  3- The course consists of two parts that are studied in the same course:

     **Part One: (50 hours)


     ** Part Two: (50 hours)


Total Diploma Duration: 100 Hours

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