Dr. Youssef Attai

Dr. Youssef Attai was graduated from the Mechanical Power Department, Faculty of Engineering at Mataria, Helwan University. After that he was awarded his M.Sc. degree, which was entitled “An Investigation on the Effect of the Induction Manifold Shape and Geometry on Detonation and Pre-Ignition in Spark-Ignition Engines ” from the same institution. However, he was awarded from the British Council in Egypt, which partially contributes in assisting to finish the research of the Ph.D. “An investigation on cyclic variations in spark-ignition engines fuelled by normal gasoline and blends of jojoba bio-gasoline with normal gasoline”, was presented by Her Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador, Sir Derek Plumbly, at the British Embassy, Cairo on Sunday 13-11-2009.
Therefore, Dr. Youssef was awarded his Ph.D. degree from the Helwan University in 2012. In addition to that Dr. Youssef was awarded an Excellency project equal share four million Egyptian Pounds funded by Helwan University and Ministry of High Education in 2014. However, his research career was concerned about synthesizing biofuels from different types of inedible oils such as jojoba and castor. Therefore, he is orienting his researches to synthesizing liquid fuels from biomass thus; he obtained many awards from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research through supervising of several graduation projects and masters.
Moreover, he is achieving several patents such as novel technology for producing different types of biofuels from jojoba oil, novel technology for producing liquid biofuels from biomass by using exhaust gases and a novel bio-hydrogen-photovoltaic synthesized from green leaves. Finally, Dr. Youssef was a one of the team who lead the Faculty of Engineering at Mataria to be a one of few accredited faculties of engineering in Egypt.
Dr. Youssef is a lecturer to many industrial courses and he is a certified lecturer for the KNPC (Kuwait National Petroleum Company). He was awarded with the Pioneers Certificate from the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate as an award for establishment the Center of Excellency for the production and testing Technology of Bio-fuels, 2016. Also, he was a judge to 12th& 13th Egyptian Engineering Day 2013 & 2014 (EED Competition Team) annual event.