Eng. Amr Talat

Amr Talat

Overview :


Eng. Amr Talat Consultant and expert in project management for owners of companies and projects of various types that are implemented through the different project life cycle models (agile and predictive, etc.) and support the achievement of project goals by focusing on planning, risk management and team development to achieve project benefits using a proactive approach to known events - Other than known for evaluation, mitigating project risks and taking advantage of opportunities.

Training and development of project stakeholders in terms of understanding project goals, developing strategic plans for companies, measuring the extent of tangible and intangible benefit of the company, training in project management including in-depth knowledge and skills in planning and risk management, scheduling management, value acquisition management, planning, and the command and control system through Staff development and motivation to meet project goals and stakeholder requirements.

Certificates :


• Authorized Training Partner Instructor (Issued by Project Management Institute ) PMI.
• Certified PMP “project management professional” by P.M.I. U.S.A. # 1699426 (March 2014)
• Certified OSHP “occupational safety and health professional” by O.S.H.A. U.S.A. # 105370-100
• Certified OSHT “occupational safety and health Trainer” by O.S.H.A. U.S.A. # 105370-100
• Certified OSHS “occupational safety and health Supervisor” by O.S.H.A. U.S.A. # 105370-100
• Certified SHCT “safety and health committee/team leader” by O.S.H.A. U.S.A. # 105370-100
• Certified OSHM “occupational safety and health Manager” by O.S.H.A. U.S.A. # 105370-100
• Certified TOT “Training of Trainers” by (Helwan University) Egypt #UNIV67
• B.S.C. Civil Engineering (Benha University 2004) Egypt.
• Certificate from Saudi Aramco due to the successful completion of the project before the deadline K.S.A
• Certification at English language from American University in Cairo.




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