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Data Analysis Diploma

Eng. Ahmed Hafez

Data Analysis

Data Analysis  Diploma Round #20

Introduction :


Data Analysis is the process of modeling and transforming data into useful information, this information helps us to make clear, uniform, and right decisions, but how can we do it with so much data? This is the importance of data software In the Data Analysis Diploma we will focus on 2 of the best data analysis software:

1.    Microsoft Excel

2.    Microsoft Power BI

Analyzing Data with Excel:


Microsoft Excel is A Great tool for data analysis, it provides you many tools to apply data analysis techniques to datasets, present it in great dashboards and charts, also it provides you more by linking your work to other software .

Power BI Desktop:


Power BI Desktop is part of the suite of tools from Microsoft which enable data to be analyzed and published from a variety of sources. With Power BI Desktop, you get a report authoring tool that enables you to connect to and query data from different sources using the Query Editor. From the datasets, you build with Query Editor you can create Reports and Visualizations or dashboards within Power BI Desktop. Reports can then be published. This course covers the use of Power BI Desktop to connect to data, create Visualizations, query the data and publish reports .

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Eng. Ahmed Hafez


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