PIPELINE Fundamental (Round #24)

Piping Design and Pipeline Design Fundamentals

Pipeline Basics #24

Who is this course intended for:


1-production engineer.
2-Mechanical Power Engineer.
3-Industrial Engineer.
4-Petroleum Engineer.
5-Supervisors, technicians and welding engineers.

Course objectives:


1-Fundamentals of Piping and Industrial Engineering provided by an ASME Certified Instructor.
2-Material selection, pipe components, valve types and selection.
3-Key Documents (PFD, MSG, MEL, P&ID, LDT, PMC, PLOT PLAN).
4-Piping design and layout engineering.
5-Pipe pressure analysis.
6-Define and understand how to handle design codes (ASTM, API, ASTM), and design software such as CAESAR II.


Eng. Amr Serag