Certified Lean Specialist ( Round #10)

Certified Lean Specialist

CLS Round #10

Introduction :


Become Professionally Recognized in Lean Fundamentals.

In this course you will expand your knowledge of Lean practices that will improve your abilities and skills assisting your organization efficiency in waste reduction.

The information you gain will be appropriate across both manufacturing and service industries.

In addition, we designed this course not to just learn about the main lean practices but also it contains a Lean maintenance case study that will train you on how to use the principles of Lean maintenance in work environment.

Course Content:


  • Lean Fundamentals
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Methodologies and Tools
  • Workspace Optimization
  • Case Study: Lean Maintenance

Case Study: 


  • Improving Your Maintenance Process
  • Improving Maintenance Notifications
  • Improving Work Order
  • Performance Indicators
  • Selected Lean Tools for Maintenance



Dr. Yasser Shaban