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(CMMS) Implementation and Optimization

Eng. Mohamed Hassan

Certificate in Computerized Maintenance Management System

(CMMS) Round #16

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A successful Maintenance Management Program goes beyond just a great software concept, it's not about the software it's about the operator. You need a well-trained workforce to get the ultimate benefit of the program.

For that Engineering Tracks presents the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) training and implementation service that will accelerate your success with a wide range of options that suit the goals of any organization.



More than half of all new Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) implementations fail to result in a positive return on investment.

In this online, on-demand course, you will learn the objectives, benefits, and basic/advanced features of a CMMS.

You will also discover how to develop system specifications based on your individual needs and how to justify, evaluate, implement, audit, and optimize your CMMS to result in a positive return on investment.

You can enroll and start at any time.

Learning Objectives:


1- Assemble the information necessary to choose, install and use a CMMS

2- Evaluate the use of a CMMS for your facility

3- Explain the uses, data, and the importance of completeness and accuracy of your work orders

4- Support good planning and scheduling practices.

5- Manage spare parts and inventories for maintenance.

6- Understand how to get the right information to the right person in a timely manner and how to set this up in the CMMS

7- Learn the steps of implementing a CMMS.

8- Learn how to shop for and evaluate a CMMS

Who Should Enroll?


This comprehensive class will introduce the general capabilities of modern CMMS and is designed for several distinct groups of attendees:

1- Maintenance departments that are searching for a suitable CMMS

2- Maintenance departments that want to upgrade their system or restart their system

3- Maintenance professionals (planners, supervisors, managers) that want to increase their expertise of their CMMS

4- Maintenance support professionals (stockroom, engineering, accounting) that want to increase their knowledge of CMMS

5- IT professionals charged with supporting, acquiring, or building CMMS

6- CMMS vendors

  • Salespeople who need to understand system requirements and use
  • Programmers and analysts who need background training


7- Consultants that want to add value to their offerings or train junior associates


Eng. Mohamed Hassan


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Course Features:
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