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Eng. Ahmed Adel

Power Distribution

Power Distribution Round #37


Find the right beginning in the Electrical Domain by joining our Professional Electrical Course, which aims to equip you with the fundamentals of Electrical Power Distributions which will qualify you to design various electrical and lighting systems using one of the most powerful proficient programs, Electrical AUTOCAD, which in turn includes principles of dealing with the different electrical systems from the beginning of the design to its end.

In this course, you will learn all about the components, design, and installation of different Electrical systems & Lighting design Basics using Dialux.


Course Structure:-

During 30 hours of professional training and interactive classes, you will learn the principles of electrical distributions and how to deal with different electrical design systems from the very beginning to professionalism.


Course Outcomes:

  • Learning the basics of Electrical Distributions using Electrical AUTOCAD.
  • Calculation of electrical lighting & factors affecting the design. 
  • How to use the DIALUX program to distribute indoor and outdoor lighting in different areas.
  • Calculation of emergency lighting according to international standards.
  • Learning the Cable Sizing Calculations, Voltage drop & Short circuit Calculations.
  • Central Battery System & Emergency Lighting Design.
  • Circuit Breaker Basis, Small Power Distribution, and Load Schedule Design.
  • Diesel Engine Generator & Transformer sizing calculations.
  • Power Factor Correction Calculations, Ring Main Unit & Medium Voltage Switchgear.
  • UPS sizing calculations & Earthing System Design & Lightning Protection System Design.
  • Enhance the force Factor to raise the electrical design performance.
  • Calculation of generators and all emergency devices.
  • Execute Design for a simple project from the beginning of the course using various design programs. 

Who Should Attend?

  • For anyone interested in the field of electrical power engineering.
  • Interested to work in engineering consulting offices.
  • Interested to start a career in design, consultant, and construction agencies.


Eng. Ahmed Adel


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Course Features:
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