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Dr. Mohamed Monir

Program Management Professional (PGMP)

Round #14

Course Overview:

Programs are at the heart of any major operations, regardless of the size and significance of each program. A business can only succeed when all related programs work in perfect harmony without any ambiguities, contributing to the larger objective of the company. Should any program fall apart or fail to accomplish its goal, the train may derail. Innumerable businesses, be it small to medium enterprises or large organizations, have suffered and failed to own efficient program management.

A Program Management Professional plays an essential role in determining the fortune of an organization. Program Management Professional (PgMP) is the most prestigious certificate for program managers offered by PMI (Project Management Institute) for experienced program manager. Accordingly, our training track has been professionally created in order to comply with the objectives of the certificate.

Why PgMP Certificate?


A program management professional or PgMP is the lifeline of this crucial business. A PgMP is expected to manage all the program projects, sub-programs, and operations, to undertake to preprogram assessments, study program feasibility, conduct a cost-benefit analysis, take all stakeholders and sponsors into confidence, form teams or use existing teams and assign relevant tasks, conceive plans to initiate a perfect plan and then executing it optimally to deliver the most qualitative results at a budget while adhering to a timeline. With less than 3,200 certified PgMP professionals currently around the world, this certification provides an ultimate advantage for project professionals seeking Growth and Excellence.

Learning Objectives:


  • Learn the program management language, best practices, tools and techniques, and tips to assist you in taking, and passing your PgMP® exam.
  • Interpret exam questions and focus your study time on topics that need the most attention.
  • Learn proven test-taking skills to write your PgMP® application and utilize your personal test-taking strategy.
  • Be competent in utilizing Program Management best practices as outlined in The Standard for Program Management & Agile practice guide in your work.
  • Manage programs in compliance with the Project Management Institute (PMI®) standards.
  • Apply Program Management skills, tools, and techniques to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Course Outline:


  • Ch. 01: Introduction
  • Ch. 02: Program Management Performance Domains
  • Ch. 03: Performance Domain (1) “Program Strategy Alignment”
  • Ch. 04: Performance Domain (2) “Program Benefits Management”
  • Ch. 05: Performance Domain (3) “Program Stakeholder Engagement”
  • Ch. 06: Performance Domain (4) “Program Governance”
  • Ch. 07: Performance Domain (5) “Program Life Cycle Management”
  • Ch. 08: Program Activities
  • How to write PgMP Application?
  • PgMP ECO (Examination Contents Outline)
  • Questions & Case studies

Syllabus of PgMP Certification Training:


  • Defining Program Management and Related Concepts
  • What are programs, portfolios and projects?
  • Relating programs, portfolios and projects
  • The five phases of the program management lifecycle
  • Conducting pre-program preparations
  • Initiating the program
  • Setting up the program
  • Delivering program benefits
  • Closing the program
  • The program manager’s role in delivering programs

Program Management Life Cycle:


  • Program governance and the program management office
  • Program management processes
  • The stages of program management
  • Monitoring and controlling program changes

Program Planning:


  • The program management plan
  • Define program goals and requirements
  • Developing a program schedule
  • Monitor and control program status

Evaluating the Program:


  • Developing the Benefits Realization Plan
  • Establishing alliances with other departments and organizations
  • Evaluating organizational capabilities

Executing the Program:


  • Outsourcing program components
  • Establishing program contracts
  • Procuring projects
  • Executing the appropriate program contracts
  • Motivating the program team
  • Ensuring product quality
  • Closing the Procurements

Project and Program Facilitation:


  • Program Time Management
  • Program Cost Management
  • Program Quality Management
  • Program Human Resource Management

Program Financial Management:


  • Identify a program financial plan
  • Control program financials
  • Managing program benefits

Controlling the Program & Reporting:


  • Monitoring and measuring performance
  • Analyzing variance of costs, schedule, quality and risks
  • Identifying potential corrective actions
  • Managing and Adapting to change
  • Addressing program level issues and risks
  • Identify and analyzing program risk
  • Effective program reporting
  • Program stakeholder management
  • Effective program auditing

Closing the Program:


  • Managing program completion
  • Conducting the stakeholder post-review meeting 
  • Completing component projects
  • Closing and archiving projects

Who Should Attend?


  • This course is for PMO directors, program & project managers wishing to sit for the PgMP® exam and earn the PMI® credential, including:
  • CEOs, SVPs, VPs and senior executives accountable for organizational strategy setting and execution.
  • Middle to senior managers either involved in program management, or are identified to progress into that role.
  • Entrepreneurs establishing new organizations.
  • Project Managers who would like to prepare for the PgMP® certification exam as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Candidates for the PgMP® certification exam who have completed their studies and would like to “refresh” their knowledge before taking the exam


Dr. Mohamed Monir


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