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Microsoft Project

Eng. Mohamed Gamal Zakaria

Microsoft  Project

MS Project Round #22

Overview :


Project management and planning, follow-up of the project progress and schedule, drawing up the work plan and representing it has become

essential using programs such as the MS Project program provided by Microsoft, which is now used in many companies and to you 4 Actual uses that are used in companies for MS Project


  • Module 1: Getting Started

  • Module 2: Defining a Project

  • Module 3: Adding Project

  • Module 4: Managing Tasks

  • Module 5: Managing Project

  • Module 6: Finalizing a Project Plan

  • Module 7: Updating a Project Plan

  • Module 8: Viewing Project Progress

  • Module 9: Reporting on Project Progress

  • Module 10: Reusing Project Plan Information

  • Module 11: Working with Multiple Projects


Who is this course for:


  • Project managers who master the science of project management and need to master its tools

  • Fresh graduates who intend to pursue a career in project management

  • They reach PMP certification and want to deepen them with project management tools like Microsoft Project 

  • Anyone who wants to learn planning and the basics of project management in an easy and simple way for their own project or for work




Eng. Mohamed Gamal Zakaria


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Course Features:
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