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Fire Fighting

Eng. Mahmoud Abo Taleb

Fire Fighting


Course lectures

first lecturer :


1- Define the electromechanical field

2- General clarification of the objectives of the course

3- Beginning with the definition of firefighting systems

4- Clarify the recognized symbols used in firefighting

5- Clarify the components of the water-extinguishing system

6- Start by knowing the types of fire tanks and how to calculate the size of the tank

The second lecture:


1- Definition of fire pumps and their working theory

2- Identify the types of pumps and the specification code for fire pumps

3- An explanation of the pump room diagrams and an explanation of its components

4- Determination of pipe and valve diameters inside the pump chamber according to NFPA20

5- Steps of pump operation, delivery and testing

Third lecture:

1- General evaluation of the part of the pumps and testing of technical information

2 - Starting to introduce the components of the sprinkler system

3- Steps of designing fire extinguishing networks with sprinklers

4 - Defining the types of sprinklers and how to choose them and determine their diameters

 5- Studying the components of the zona (ZCV) and determining the function of each part of it

6- How to distribute the sprinklers on AutoCAD

Fourth lecture:


1- How to determine the diameters of the pipes (pipe sizing)

2- Calculating the Qsp flow rate for the sprinklers and determining the consequences of determining the degree of danger (9 results) according to NFPA13

3- Determine the choice of the design space (MRA, MDA) 4- Begin defining the components of the Manual System

Fifth lecture:


1- Studying the types of (fire hydrant) and knowing the limits of its design x, hours

2- Identify the types of connections for firefighting and how to choose them

3- Studying the types of funds and how they are distributed and clarified (Qum, resources (maximum, minimum).

4- Study the types of fire

5- Studying fire extinguishers and their types and how to choose the right type for them

6- Studying the gas extinguishing system using CO2, FM200 and knowing the calculation of the amount of gas

7- Learn about the latest developments in the operation of carbon dioxide FM200. gas extinguishing system

Sixth lecture:


1- Start doing full hydraulic calculations manually

2- Explanation of the calculations and their application to a project using the Elite program

3- Steps to inventory and implement projects

4- Studying the bills of quantities and determining the technical specifications of the materials that make up the fire

5- Make a general evaluation of the course through a test for the trainees of what was previously explained


Eng. Mahmoud Abo Taleb


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