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Piping Routing

Eng. Farouk el Batawy

Piping Routing And Process Plants Plant Layout

Piping Routing Round #16

Introduction to the program:

 No engineering company or industrial facility is devoid of equipment or a network of pipes that connect these equipment to each other.

These networks are selected, designed and installed according to special engineering standards and standard specifications.

Therefore, all engineers and technicians wishing to be able to work or join the labor market had to learn that specialty.

Professionally, as this specialization is based on good things, and this is not taught in universities or academic institutes.

Therefore, a program has been prepared in a specialized and professional manner that takes into account the different experiences of the trainees through a structured and gradual training program that qualifies specialized engineers for the energy sector, especially the petroleum industries, in an academic and professional gradual path that takes into account The level of experience and specialization accredited by ASME Certified Instructor.

Fields of application in the labor market:

The most important areas in the labor market associated with the program are petroleum and petrochemical industries, separating and refining plants, firefighting systems, chemical industries, electric power plants, fertilizer industries and paint factories, pharmaceutical industries and food product factories.

 Program terms:

 Successfully pass the basic diploma requirements. Successful completion of the elective diploma requirements and the completion of the graduation project

 Program plan:

 The program consists of three basic diplomas and three electives. The trainee successfully passes all the basic diplomas and then chooses three diplomas from the group of optional diplomas according to his field of specialization and desire in coordination with (ASME CI) to determine the most appropriate path for his professional career after successfully passing all the diplomas required for the program under (600 One credit hour) The trainee submits a graduation project commensurate with his specialization and choices. During the program, the project is discussed and approved by ASME CL to obtain the final certificate.

 Stylistic diplomas:

Qualifying Diploma in Piping Engineering
ASME CODES Professional Diploma in Design Codes
Professional diploma in isolating valves according to the specifications of the American Petroleum Institute API VALVES


Eng. Farouk el Batawy


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