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Python Data Analysis & Visualization – Course Profile



What Makes Python The Most Popular Programming Language In The World?

What Does It Do That Other Programming Languages Don't?


Python is The World’s Fastest-Growing Programming Language, not just among Software Engineers, but also Mathematicians, Data Analysts, Networking Engineers, Scientists, and Accountants, as it is a super User-Friendly Programming Language, so people from different disciplines use Python for a variety of different tasks such as Data Analysis and Visualization, AI Tasks, Machine Learning, Automation, and even among people who are not Developers, but also have boring repetitive tasks also can use Python with ease.


Join The Professionals’ Community & Learn All about the World’s Fastest-Growing Programming Language by Enrolling in Engineering Tracks Professional Training, "Python Data Analysis & Visualization".


24 Hours of Interactive Professional Training and Hands-On Projects will Level up your Data Skills to help you grow your career in Data Science, Machine Learning, Finance, Web Development, or any tech-adjacent field.



Engineering Tracks' Python Course does not require any prior experience, and after a series of interactive classes and practical training that lasts for 24 hours, you will turn from Zero to Hero:

  • Getting started with learning Python's syntax and fundamentals.
  • Master Pandas Dataframes and Series.
  • Create beautiful visualizations with Seaborn.
  • Analyze dozens of real-world datasets.
  • Practice with tons of exercises and challenges.
  • Learn the ins and outs of Matplotlib.
  • Organize, filter, clean, aggregate, and analyze DataFrames.
  • Master Hierarchical Indexing.
  • Merge datasets together in Pandas.
  • Create line, bar, box, scatter, pie, violin, rug, swarm, strip, and other plots.
  • Work with Jupyter Notebooks.



Training Program Prerequisites:


Participants should be familiar with the basics of Python (variables, conditionals, etc.)


Course Outcomes:


During This Training Program You’ll Learn How To:

  • Work with Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Use Pandas to read and manipulate datasets.
  • Work with Dataframes and Series objects.
  • Organize, filter, clean, aggregate, and analyze Dataframes.
  • Extract and manipulate date, time, and textual information from data.
  • Master Hierarchical Indexing.
  • Merge datasets in Pandas.
  • Create complex visualizations with Matplotlib.
  • Use Seaborn to craft stunning and meaningful visualizations.
  • Create line, bar, box, scatter, pie, violin, rug, swarm, strip, and other plots.
  • Beginner Python devs curious about data analysis, data visualization, or data science.


Course Duration:


24 Training Hours


About Engineering Tracks:


Engineering Tracks is a professional training academy that provides an advanced and outstanding learning environment using a cutting-edge e-learning platform along with 24/7 continuous technical support service. In a decade, we have provided, managed, and facilitated training programs approved by the highest scientific and global institutions, such as:

ISO 9001/2015 – ISO 21001/2018- ASME – NEBOSH - Mobius Institute - PMI - NASP - IBDL - WPIAM.


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Course Features:
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