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Six Sigma Green Belt

 Six Sigma- Green Belt

Six Sigma Round #52

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 Six Sigma Course goals :


-Developing the skills of trainees to reach the customer's required quality, and continuous improvement of performance so that the trainee can lead his company towards better performance.
-Get the personal skills of quality management, quality cost calculation, and risk identification.

-The trainee learns what is the difference between quality, and total quality.
-Learn how to get a product free from defects using Six Sigma tools ( definition - measurement - analysis - improvement - control ).
-Trail what is the difference between Six Sigma and Six Sigma.
-Practical application for a complete project using Six Sigma tools.
At the end of the course, an online test is taken so that the successful candidate exceeds 80% to obtain the course certificate.

 Six Sigma certificate :


• Attendance Certificate is applicable to program attendees.

Prerequisites for Six Sigma Course :


• No Prerequisites.


No instructors

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Six Sigma Green Belt Round #52 2024-07-30 Online
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Course Features:
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