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ASME SEC VIII DIV 1 Pressure Vessels Code

Eng. Amr Serag

ASME SEC VIII DIV 1 Pressure Vessels Code

ASME Codes Pressure Vessels  Round #26

Course Description:

ASME SEC VIII DIV 1 Pressure Vessel Code Course has been prepared according to the Approved ASME curriculum, which is concerned with explaining the Design process of Pressure Vessels code and static equipment, in industrial and petroleum plants.


Along This Course training hours, you will be introduced to static equipment, the Types & classification of pressure vessels, and all design methods, in addition to material mechanics, Methods of fabrication, stress analysis... and further detailed topics related to this code…

In addition to Free Membership in ASME Association for a full 4 months.


Course Content

  • Introduction to static equipment.

  • Types & classification of pressure vessels.
  • Design methods, material mechanics, stress analysis.
  • Introduction to ASME SEC VII DIV 1 code.
  • General requirements (subsection a).
  • Methods of fabrication (subsection b).
  • Classes of material (subsection c).
  • Case study demonstrating engineering deliverables on recent project.



Trainee Evaluation Method

An evaluation will be conducted for trainees using an exercise sheet during the course and Final Exam.



Course Duration

30 Training Hours





Eng. Amr Serag


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Course Features:
Course Features:
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