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Technical Office Round #16

Eng / AL.Sayed Mohamed Zaky Eid

 Technical Office 

Technical Office Round #16

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The main tasks and vital responsibilities of any project are to follow up on Invoices, create Quantity surveys, solve technical problems, review structural drawings, and coordination between all existing engineering majors in the project, moreover, reviewing all drawings and creating any required construction details. All duties above are within the Technical Office Engineer responsibilities.

Tasks And Responsibilities Of The Technical Office Engineer And Their Importance For Any Project:


Technical office engineer is one of the most essential jobs in the field, he is the one responsible for managing the document flow, preparing project reports, accurate handling for submissions, also responsible for inventory work and Invoices, shop drawings abstracts, assays, contractor agreements, correspondence, and represent the company in periodic meetings. Moreover, addressing some of the primary duties such as pricing, scheduling, and cost tracking.

Why resort to the technical office engineer?

The position of a technical office engineer has many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Bonding between all departments and parties of the project.
  • The technical office engineer can't be laid off any project easily.
  • Strongly qualifies of specialization in the field of project management.
  • Promotions are relatively rapid in comparison with other disciplines.
  • Forming strong and close relationships with the management, the consultant, and the owner due to the constant and periodic meetings.
  • Administrative work can be physically comfortable but mentally exhausting due to constant following up, calculations, inventory, reports, and other responsibilities that need to be done considering the project time frame and budget.

Introducing the tasks of the technical office through:


  1. Understand and match engineering drawings.
  2. Quantities survey for civil works.
  3. Quantities calculation for architectural works.
  4. Study the project documents.
  5. Types of contracts.
  6. Tenders.
  7. Pricing and cost estimation.
  8. Preparing the Invoices.
  9. Preparing variation orders.

Training Structure (40 hours, 12 lectures)

Course Content:


The Technical Office Engineer Course content is split into 3 main modules as the following:

Part I – Shop Drawing (6 Sessions)

  • Types of Drawings & difference between them.
  • Reading Structure tender drawings.
  • Concrete Dimensions Drawings.
  • Code limitations.
  • Shop Drawing for Isolated & Combined footing.
  • Shop Drawing for Strip footing.
  • Shop Drawing for Raft.
  • Shop Drawing for Columns.
  • Shop Drawing for Retaining walls.
  • Shop Drawing for Flat Slab.
  • Shop Drawing for Solid Slab.
  • Shop Drawing for Beams.
  • Shop Drawing for Cantilevers.
  • Preparing Sheets.
  • Printing.


Part II – Quantity survey (3 Sessions)

Quantity survey for both structural & some architectural elements.

  • Reading structural & Architectural Drawings.
  • Prepare QS sheets.
  • Reading BOQ.
  • Quantity survey for Foundation.
  • Quantity survey for Columns.
  • Quantity survey for walls.
  • Quantity survey for Beams.
  • Quantity survey for slabs.
  • Quantity survey for Architectural walls.
  • Quantity survey for Painting.
  • QS for Reinforcement.


Part III (3 sessions)

  • Study Construction Documents.
  • Types of Contracts.
  • Tendering.
  • Pricing & Cost estimation.
  • Difference between direct & indirect cost.
  • Preparing invoices.
  • Variation orders.

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Eng / AL.Sayed Mohamed Zaky Eid


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