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HVAC Round #16

Eng. Ahmed Emad Hamdy 


Round #16

This Course Provide Fundamental HVAC Topics during (10 Lectures) Covering The Following:


  1. The main objectives and scope of HVAC engineering.
  2. The most important codes and standards we deal with.
  3. Cooling load estimation using HAP 4.9 program.
  4. The different Dx-Systems (Split, Package Unit, VRF…etc.)
  5. Chilled Water system main components.
  6. Different types of chillers, cooling towers, pumps, and how to select the right one.
  7. Chilled water valves and equipment Hookups.
  8. Chilled water-piping design.
  9. Air Distribution Principles.
  10. Different air outlets and how to select.
  11. Different Duct types and duct designs.
  12. How to calculate the External Static Pressure for different equipment.
  13. How to calculate the Pump head pressure for different pumps.
  14. Ventilation requirements for different applications.
  15. Different types of fans and how to select the right one.

Day (1) – Introduction


  1. Course Outlines.
  2. History of refrigeration systems.
  3. HVAC systems brief Introduction.
  4. Common References.

Day (2) – Cooling Load Estimation


  1. Introduction to Load Estimation.
  2. Sources of Heat to Building.
  3. Brief introduction to the psychometric chart
  4. HAP 4.9.
  • Introduction to Program.
  • Weather Properties.
  • Project Libraries.
  • Spaces Properties

Day (3) – Dx- Systems


  1. Introduction to HVAC Systems.
  2. Vapor –Compression Cycle.
  3. Different Types of Dx units (Package Units / Split Units).
  4. VRF Systems.
  5. How to create different types of Dx- units on HAP 4.9.
  6. Reading HAP Reports.
  7. Selection form Cat.

Day (4) – Chilled Water systems (1)


  1. Introduction to chilled water systems.
  2. Different types of Chillers compressors.
  3. Air-cooled and Water Cooled Chillers.
  4. Absorption Chillers.
  5. Cooling tower principle of work.
  6. Different Cooling Tower Classification (Induced / Forced Draft, Counter / Crossflow cooling towers).

Day (5) – Chilled Water systems (2)


  1. Different types of Pumps (Inline, closed Couple, Horizontal /Vertical Split Case, End
  2. Suction).
  3. How to read the Pump Curve.
  4. Different Types of Terminal cooling coil (AHU, FCU).
  5. Main component of Air Handling Units
  6. Using Heat recovery systems in AHU.
  7. Chilled Water System (Primary only System, primary secondary system, primary Variable system).

Day (6) – Chilled Water systems (3)


  1. Air Systems (Constant Air Volume - CAV / Variable Air System - VAV).
  2. How to create a Chilled water system on HAP 4.9.
  3. How to create a Chilled water Plant on HAP 4.9.
  4. Reading HAP Reports.
  5. Selection form Cat.

Day (7) – Pipe Network Sizing


  1. Different Types of Chilled water Valves (Gate, Butterfly, Check, etc.).
  2. Chilled water network auxiliary Equipment (Expansion Tank, Air separator).
  3. Main Hookups for different equipment.
  4. Chilled water Pipe sizing.

Day (8) – Air Distribution


  1. Introduction to Human comfort.
  2. Air Distribution principles.
  3. Air Outlets Classifications.
  4. How to select the suitable outlet

Day (9) – Duct System Design


  1. Different types of duct work (Circular / Rectangular / Oval).
  2. Different duct materials (Galvanized steel, black steel, stainless steel, etc.).
  3. Textile duct system.
  4. Different types of Damper.
  5. Duct system design.

Day (10) – Fans & Ventilation Systems


  1. Different types of fans (Centrifugal, axial, etc.).
  2. How to read fan curve.
  3. Ventilation requirements for different applications.

Eng. Ahmed Emad Hamdy 


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